Luis Aguilar's 1947 El Muchacho Alegre film poster Experience the glamor & excitement of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema with our limited edition, museum quality posters

The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema (1937-1957) was considered the Hollywood of Latin America with construction of Estudios Churubusco, building one of the most modern studios of Latin America in association with RKO, providing technical assistance and the most modern film equipment from Hollywood.

The poster played a very important part in the success of the film. It had to create the curiosity to the public that resulted in ravenous attendance. And that was the work of the artist who was hired to make a poster that would reflect the story of the film, in this collection you will see the works of, Ernesto Garcia Cabral, Josep Renau Berenger, Juanino Renau Berenger and many others.

These beautiful 24" x 36" movie poster reproductions were carefully selected from my personal collection. Each vintage poster was restored from the original, digitally photographed and printed on high quality equipment with full UV inks. These posters are close to a perfect duplicate of the original movie posters of 60 to 70 years ago.

My goal is to create a product that can take you back to the days of great films and actors like Dolores del Rio, Pedro Infante, Maria Felix, Jorge Negrete, Pedro Armendariz, Ninon Sevilla, German Valdez (Tin Tan), Sarita Montiel and so many more. View the posters here! $39.95 each

- Ramon Villalba

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