Mexican Movie Poster Artists
Most of the film poster artists worked in obscurity. With a few exceptions, not much was written about their careers. Still they were great artists who funded and publish magazines. Some of their work appeared outside Mexico. Here's some background:

El ChangoErnesto Garcia Cabral (El Chango)
Born in Huatusco, Veracruz, Mexico in 1890. Cabral was 17 years old when he won a scholarship to the San Carlos Art Academy in Mexico City. By 1910 he was drawing for popular publications and two years later received a grant to study in Paris. (Diego Rivera also studied art in Paris during this same time.) He returned to Mexico in 1918, near the end of the Mexican Revolution, where his work appeared on the covers of the most popular magazines such as Revista de Revistas. His film posters were rarely signed. Cabral died in 1968.

Juanino Renau Berenguer
Born in Valencia, Spain, in 1910, Juanino studied law. Soon after the Spanish Civil War ended, he followed his more famous brother, Josep Renau, who was already an established artist in Mexico. Juanino designed approximately 150 posters from the 1940s to the 1950s. He worked for several advertising companies drawing & designing posters. Among the most prominent was the Rodriguez Brothers, who worked for some of the most popular movie stars of the time including Pedro Infante. Juanino was chosen to promote such big name films as Nosotros los Pobres, Pepe el Toro, Los Tres Huastecos and many more. He died in 1989.

Jose Espert

Born in Valencia Spain 1906. Espert came to Mexico in the early 1940's where he worked for several film companies and designed most of the posters produced by Filmex. Espert had a great ability to portray the folklore of the Mexican charro during the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema (1940's-1950's). He died in 1950.

Carlos Vega

Diaz M.