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Ramon Villabla in front of El Muchacho Alegre posterFirst Film Poster

It was 1971 when I saw my first movie poster. My family had moved from a two house village in the highlands of northern Mexico to a larger town in the valley so I could go to school. There was no movie theater in town, but we did have a traveling gypsy theater, (“cine Hungaro”, as they were called in Spanish) which would arrive in town to much anticipation and fanfare. While the gypsy men set up a tent and a big cloth screen out in an open field, the women went around town telling fortunes to make money. That evening before the movie began, people began to walk towards the tent carrying their wood chairs. Those who didn’t, sat on the ground. Sometimes, they sold popcorn, tamales and Cokes. The old truck that projected the films had two posters on the side doors. I don’t remember the film they showed that night, but I remember standing there for a very long time admiring the beautiful posters.

For the next six years that I lived in this town, the Gypsy Theater would come around two or three times a year. Most times, I didn’t have the money for the admission, but I always got to see the posters on the side of the old trucks. I love the memories of the Gypsy Theater, the Mexican movies and the movie posters.

Film Presentations

Fast forward many years – Now that I live in the United States, I have a large collection of Mexican movie posters and lobby cards that I have acquired in Mexico, at flea markets & vintage paper sales in the U.S. I have become an expert in the field of Mexican film history and enjoy giving classic film presentations at community centers, film festivals, colleges, museums, cultural and non-profit organization events. Please contact me if you are interested in a presentation for prices and topics.


I love Mexican films and movie posters. I have selected some posters from my collection to make available to you, in a high quality digital reproduction, printed in the United States, at a very affordable price to everyone.

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